For artists

Releasing your music online feels like the end of an intense journey. But there are so many questions that still need answering: what tool to use to promote your album, on what stores is your single available, how to share your remix on social media, etc.

But Wearefront solves those questions in one single blow! We're there from the moment you as an artist decide to promote your music online. Make sure your fans don't miss out and reach new listeners by signing up above.

For fans

Staying up to date with your favourite bands is time consuming, especially when you follow so many. Social media posts get buried in the rest of the notifications and not every streaming service tells you when a band you follow released a new album.

You should be able to listen to new albums from every artist that matters to you, without having to constantly check an app or website. Make sure you never miss out again by signing up above.

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